What are Massage Health Benefits?

Massage is often seen as a technique to pamper the mind and body. It has a multitude of general health benefits outside of pampering. Massage can essentially be a total body treatment for a variety of ailments including injuries, stress and poor circulation. There is a variety of massage techniques available to treat a specific ailment or injury. Speak with a therapist to discuss which option is ideal for your unique situation.

A massage therapist that we’ve tried before is located in western sydney, they’re not bad. The Massage techniques they are capable of are Acupressure, Aromatherapy which apply’s the use of essential oils, Deep tissue massage, Lymphatic massage which is obviously for the lymph system. Natural beauty massage. Reflexology, Remedial massage, Shiatsu, Sports massage to enhance athletic ability and fast recuperation. Swedish massage and Relaxation massage.

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Improves Circulation
Massage is known to heal the body and increase circulation. Those with heart disease and other cardiovascular diseases benefit greatly by increasing blood flow. This helps to decrease edema from poor circulation and prevents the extremities from feeling numbness, weakness and tingling.

Relaxes Tension in Muscle Groups
Muscles tense and cause strain on the body for a variety of reasons including exercise, injury and stress. Techniques including line strokes and circular motions help to break up balls of tendons, nerves and muscles causing discomfort or more severe pain.
Pain from muscle tension causes stress, frustration and makes the body slow down. Loss in productivity becomes troublesome at work. Once you recognize these items occurring, it is a good idea to setup regular appointments with a licensed massage practitioner. There are a lot of good massage in blacktown area in sydney’s west.

Pain Reduction
Due to injuries and other underlying circumstances, muscle pain occurs. It can be completely debilitating at times. Massage is almost an immediate method of pain relief. Within just a few minutes of the therapist working on the trouble areas, you will begin to feel relief.

Ask for hot stone treatments. The moist heat from the smooth rocks helps to loosen tight muscles faster so that the therapist can work on the knots and other trouble spots in a more effective manner.

Although the treatment may be painful at first, it is important to take deep breaths and relax your body as much as possible. Becoming tenser during the treatment will not result in any improvement in pain or tense muscles.

Stress Relief
Stress does cause tension in the muscles in the body. It can also lead to physical illness. Massage with aromatherapy combined is ideal for stress relief. The therapist will also refer you to Yoga or other relaxation methods while setting up regular sessions for continued total body relief and stress reduction.
The euphoric feeling that comes over the body as stress toxins are released is rather amazing. A feeling of happiness and satisfaction enter the body renewing your energy and positive thinking processes. Your mood is also immediately improved through massage.
The skin is the largest organ in the body and has thousands of nerves. The relaxing touches from a therapist settle and stimulate the nerves to achieve stress relief.

Gained Immunity from Repeat Injuries
Injured areas tend to be sensitive to future injuries. Multiple injuries to the same part of the body are common when the areas are not properly treated. Massage helps to strengthen muscle groups. Consider this as a method of conditioning for athletes and those that are health conscious who perform exercises daily.

Closing Thoughts
Massage has several benefits, as mentioned above. One massage alone is not likely to be enough. Once you see the long-term benefits of massage, it is likely that weekly or monthly appointments will be scheduled to help keep you on track. You will want to schedule 30 to 60 minute sessions. These are the most beneficial increments of time to help your body. In order to completely relax muscle groups, remove frustrating toxins and feel better emotionally, your body has to completely relax, which cannot be done in a simple 15 to 20 minute massage.

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